RU Recovery Chapter of Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin | Local addiction program helping people overcome addiction through the power of God's principles!
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RU Recovery Program



At Reformers Unanimous, we help anybody. Any addiction, stubborn habit, stronghold, hurt or hang-up is addressed. All addictions, whether practiced for a short time, or for years. Whether physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual; all have the same answer of Truth – Jesus Christ is the answer.

Help is readily available for you. If you are struggling with any type of addition, we are a phone call or email away. You can contact a counselor at (815) 543-5349 or [email protected]

We apply the same truths and principles to all addiction because all addiction is a result of wrong decisions and bad thinking. In addition to the principles we teach, we have many addiction specific resources and counseling to help with your specific addiction.




The RU Local Chapter is a Biblically based recovery program designed to rescue, recover and restore those in addictive behaviors. We partner with local churches to accomplish this task.







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The RU Residential Schools of Discipleship is a six-month intensive discipleship program for men and women with troubled lives. We provide a reconstructive learning atmosphere where the non-functionaling person can be trained in a supportive environment of discipleship consisting of : study, mentoring, Bible education, and work place training.





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RU-inside is a Biblically based recovery program designed for jails, prisons, and other institutions to teach recovery without relapse to those held in bondage by their addictions and strongholds. The program also offers local support to family members of those going through the program.







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RU Full Throttle is a Biblically based weekly program for teenagers. At Full Throttle, every message is designed to impact teenagers by offering real-life solutions to the problems and struggles that they face on a daily basis.







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Kidz Club is an exciting program initially developed as a faith-based educational program for the children of parents or guardians who come to the ministry of Reformers Unanimous to seek faith-based help for an addiction or stubborn habit. While the parents are attending their Friday-night meeting from 7 to 9pm, the children meet together under the guidance of highly-trained adults who interact and work the “Kidz” version of the Reformers Unanimous Recovery Ministries curriculum.