RU graduates describe their transformed lives


RU has helped to transform the lives of many who have struggled with various addiction problems. Watch RU graduates describe the transformation that has taken place in their lives. Select any of the following thumbnails to watch an addiction recovery success story. Please understand that the RU Recovery Program can help treat other addictions not mentioned in these videos.

Residential Recovery Program

Residential Recovery Program

The RU Residential Schools of Discipleship is a six-month intensive discipleship program for men and women with troubled lives. We provide a reconstructive learning atmosphere where the non-functioning person can be trained in a supportive environment of discipleship consisting of study, mentoring, Bible education, and workplace training.

Take the First Step

Do you or someone you know struggling with a horrible addiction? Is this addiction controlling and destroying your life? If so, please don’t pass up this opportunity to join us this Friday night to learn about the Truth that will make you free.